We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a backup.  It’s even better to have a local and an offsite backup. We can handle all of this for you under our backup agreements.

  • We offer offsite backup services for any amount of data.
  • We offer local backup services for any amount of data.
  • Our offsite backups are HIPAA compliant.
  • We provide minimal downtime during a restore due to a disaster or hardware failure.
  • Both the local backup and offsite backup are monitored by our technicians on a daily basis. We will recieve an e-mail if your backup fails and notif you of it immediately. These reports are generated on a nightly basis every night when your backup completes.

Under some circumstances certain backups are still compromised via ransomware. If your current backup is not configured properly you can still lose your data. Contact us today for a price quote to keep you worry free.