We offer customized network design and implementation for any specific business.

  • What this means is, no matter what your business specialty is, we can build a network around it.
  • This can help maximize revenue and cut out unnecessary down time and labor costs due to faulty network functionality.
  • We are experienced in both wired and wireless, from a simple small business network of 5 or so workstations to complex networks consisting of multiple workstations, servers, and other networked peripherals like printers, tablets, smartphones etc.
  • We can also set up custom internet gateways/firewalls for your network that help prevent unauthorized access from the outside world, as well as limit or restrict access to unnecessary sites.
  • We can also support any current network you already have in place including your routers, switches, and servers.
  • Rack , switches, patch panels, and servers.
  • Cable pulls, wall jacks, custom cabling.
  • VPN set up and support.